In all religions light has important meanings that go beyond simply allowing people to see. Lighting for churches and places of worship therefore requires great attention to the use of artificial light as a symbolic element and to support ceremonies.

In churches, as in mosques and other temples, to carry out work we have to know the symbolic values of light for the religion and in its ceremonies. So, the lighting for places of worship and churches must be handled with in-depth studies and great sensitivity.

The aim of lighting for places of worship and church lighting is often to use light to emphasise the important features of the building and its urban setting, supporting its historic, artistic and social value.

As for architectural lighting, use is made of ground- and floor-recessed luminaires, outdoor floodlights, indoor recessed luminaires and indoor spotlights which create comfortable lighting conditions that are suitable for safety, at the same time withstanding bad weather and vandalism.

For appropriate lighting, luminaires for lighting places of worship and church lighting must have optics, reflectors and lenses which produce a wide range of lighting effects: from very focused beams of light for small objects or lighting details, to wall washer lighting effects for evenly lighting walls and vertical display surfaces.

Light control systems allow management of the system for lighting places of worship, for switching on/off or reducing the quantity and colour quality of light emitted depending on the actual requirements and the ceremonies which take place. At the same time, it allows scheduled maintenance, guaranteeing maximum efficiency.