Lighting for shops and commercial spaces aims not just to make the goods on sale appear at their best, enhancing their qualities, but also to create an environment in which shoppers can easily make choices and recognise the value of the brands on display.

The great diversity of goods for sale and of marketing policies adopted by manufacturing industries and the distribution network, necessitates the use of technical solutions providing maximum flexibility in the choice of correct shop lighting.

The most widely used luminaires for commercial lighting and shop lighting are indoor spotlights, which fitted on electric tracks allow lighting setups which are easily modified without the need for major technical work. Another solution very often used is indoor recessed luminaires for creating the best general light and accent lighting, hiding the body of the luminaire and allowing just the light to come out of the ceiling.

The introduction throughout the range of LED indoor recessed luminaires is a response to the need to combine light quality and energy efficiency. The LEDs are selected from the best in the world to guarantee top performance in terms of lifetime, unchanging colour and energy efficiency.

In commercial lighting and shop lighting widespread use is made of solutions with fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts, also available in versions compatible with the DALI protocol. In this way, the light flow can be automatically regulated in the necessary quantity and for the actual time needed, further reducing energy consumption.