Berker Comfort Push Button

The square design conceals a modular system structure. All rockers and centre inserts shown on the following pages are colour-matched and compatible with the frames of the Berker S.1, B.3 and B.7 switch ranges. For you the advantages are twofold: a wide product range with minimal stockholding.

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Berker B.IQ

Berker B.IQ we control a smart home even easier. Up to four functional elements within KNX are combined in one controller: temperature control, information display, touch sensor and timer light scenarios and other applications simply and without adapt software to changing needs - so simple that anyone can do it. This includes intelligent features such as the transparent text list, which can be removed very easily. Following a familiarization phase Or the side status LEDs that display the currently active functions. Or display that communicates understandable text.

    Available finishes:
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass (black, polar white)
  • Aluminum

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Berker TS Sensor

With the new Berker TS sensor you can experience a whole new world of switching. A gentle touch of the finger on its glass surface is all it takes to operate lights, blinds, shutters and much more. Upto eight functions are concealed under a glass surface that is practically flushed in the wall and can be custom labelled on request. Sensor controlled switching becomes a haptic experience par excellence.

With its extremely flat design, minimalist design and operation with a light touch 'is the Berker TS Sensor KNX Touch Sensor a fine ornament on the wall. Switching is a special experience. Up to eight functions are hidden beneath the sleek surface. There is a variant with room temperature with the same mirror-like appearance. New is the integrated bus coupler.

  • • Suitable for home automation systems and relay circuits
  • • Electronics directly on the back of the glass provides enhanced security switch
  • • Extremely flat construction allows installation flush to the wall as possible
  • • Operating status and switching states can be signaled by LEDs
  • • Full glass surface with screwless mounting
  • • Lettering on the back, thus perfectly protected
  • • New: Now with integrated bus coupler

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Berker KNX Touch Sensor R.1/ R.3

With 4 international design awards, Berker KNX Touch Sensor R1 represents a truly German technology and superlative global design. With its feather touch experience, one would love to have it on the wall as a signature of modern lifestyle & smart control.

R.1 The Touch Sensor has rounded contours, the R.3 Touch Sensor has sleek shapes. They have the same structure as the height R.1 and R.3 designs (10 mm). The simple operation with light touch is enough to switch, pulse, dimmer, shutter functions or stored scenes (up to eight) to operate. An integrated bus coupler ensures easy installation. Only products with thermostat require an additional 24V supply.

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Berker TS, TS Crystal & TS Crystal Ball

It has inspired awe and desire for thousands of years. Designers prize it as one of the most fascinating substance known to man.

Berker TS not only has an unusual design. With this line, you can also Berker KNX intelligent building control systems and Berker Radio Bus. The choice of colors and materials allows you full creative freedom in interior design.

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Berker S.1

Add Crestron control to any light or switched load, in new or retrofit 230 Volt applications. Featuring reliable infiNET EX® wireless technology, the CLWI can be installed in virtually any location thanks to reliable mesh networking. Support for up to 2 Amp switched loads and 450 VA/Watt dimmed loads makes this series perfect for most applications. The CLWI series features up to 6 configurable and engravable buttons that can be swapped out in the field.

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Berker B.3

In Berker B.3 we have accomplished the best of everything : an aluminium frame with a durable plastic button, gentle curves, enriched colors, in all, an absolute innovation. B.3 frames, made of black, brown or red ionised aluminium.

With Berker B3 we have joined the best of both worlds: an aluminum frame with a plastic key long term. The clarity of the square with the dynamism of smooth curves. Definitely first class! The design is pure brilliance, giving the environment a timeless elegance.

  • • Modern design with high quality aluminum
  • • Keys and common mechanisms for the S1 series, B.3, B.7
  • • Mark up to 5 elements can be combined vertically or horizontally

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Berker B.7

Perfect form in an elegant frame. The Berker B.7 with its elegant frames sets a touch of refinement to every environment. Give every switch the right frame: in addition to glass frame varieties, the Berker B.7 is now also available in plastic, stainless steel and aluminium.

Classical series combined form crystal. Berker B.7 makes interior spaces are very special thanks to its clean design that is perfectly suited to most styles.

  • • Attractive design with glass frame high quality
  • • Glass is a material that gives a unique touch to interior design
  • • Keys and common mechanisms for the S1 series, B.3, B.7
  • • Mark up to 5 elements can be combined vertically or horizontally

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Berker Serie Glas, Serie 1930

The practical design and the transparency of glass create unique interior designs.

    Available in:
  • • Polar white
  • • Black

Modern and classic - Berker Serie 1930 functional design creates a special atmosphere and is the perfect combination of innovative technology and timeless design.
    Available in:
  • • Polar white
  • • Black

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